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  • 10 Things to Know Before Buying Furniture

    June 26, 2018 3 min read

    10 Things to Know Before Buying Furniture

    You stand in the empty hallway of the house you’re moving out from. You turn around and take one last glance at what was once your home. You’ve sold all your furniture as you planned to start fresh in your new home.

    Now as you make the move you have to decide on what furniture to purchase and where to purchase it from.

    When you think back on all the mismatched pieces of furniture that occupied your old space you get a bit nostalgic.

    We get it. It was sentimental in a way. Those were pieces that were bought out of garage sales and second hand stores but now it’s time for a more sophisticated grown up kind of home decor and furniture.

    So as you decide to think about what the next step toward your new home makeover will be, we compiled a list of 10 things you will need to keep in mind whilst shopping around.

    10 Things to Know

    1.) Durability

    Choose furniture that will stand up to the wear and tear that comes along with everyday use. Do not go for flimsy legs, lumpy cushions or fabric and upholstery that are difficult to clean and maintain.

    If you have kids or own pets you will really have to pay attention to durability as they can really put furniture to the test.

    Any home should have furniture that is value for your money and that will stand the test of time.

    2.) Comfort

    The first time you test out a piece of furniture for example a sofa you should feel the comfort and support that will aid in ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

    The highest quality furniture is produced when manufacturers use top quality materials, designs and construction.

    3.) Style

    Choose more stylish timeless pieces rather than trendy ones. More attention should be paid to design, detail and high quality materials that will guarantee to make you proud of owning such a piece.

    Stylish furniture does not mean you have to sacrifice your own personal preferences.

    You can customize your pieces by choosing unique fabrics, woods, different colour cushions as well as different arm or leg styles.

    4.) Retailer

    Your home should be a place that reflects yours style and the things that are closest to you. The furniture you buy must meet the needs of your home and family.

    The only way to get exactly what suits you is to find a knowledgeable retailer that is willing to work with and help understand your needs. T

    hey should be able to suggest ideas and give you options to choose from. They should be genuinely interested in working with you to find furniture that suits your style and budget.

    After all furniture buying should be an enjoyable and easy process!

    5.) Measurements

    It can be very disappointing when you find out that the spectacular piece of furniture you bought does not fit into the space it’s supposed to.

    To avoid this ensure you measure the spaces before heading out to buy any home furniture.

    6.) Planning

    If you’re moving into an apartment planning is vital. You will need to make sure the furniture you purchased will fit into entryways as well as the service elevator.

    If this is a possibility rather purchase pieces that come packaged and can be assembled after delivery.

    7.) Impulse Buying

    While internet buying is easier it also encourages impulse buying. This can lead to you owning pieces that you really don’t like.

    First think about how certain pieces will do for the space you have and if possible check it out in person to be sure of your decision.

    8.) Shop Local

    It’s just easier! You might not even have to pay for shipping and you can take your own furniture home!

    9.) Color Choice

    Stick to neutral shades as you can always change your decor, throw pillows and curtains etc., but it’s not so cheap and easy to keep changing the bigger pieces of furniture.

    That bright colored sofa may look fabulous now but a few years later you might get tired of having such bold colours. Rather throw in the splash of colour with the smaller pieces.

    10.) Features

    Features will always be at the top of priority list when having to make a decision between two or more pieces. Opt for the piece with the most features as there is a chance that the extras will most definitely come in handy in the future.

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